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Quad Biking (ATV) & Off-road Jeep in Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Mui Ne Off-road Jeep and Quad Biking (ATV) are specialized vehicles for driving up the top of White Sand Dunes. With excellent mobility on uneven terrains such as sand dunes and deserts, these off-road vehicles have become extremely popular and are considered one of the most exciting experiences for tourists in Mui Ne.

Mui Ne Quad Biking (ATV)

Mui Ne ATV is a type of vehicle with high road-holding ability with a 4-wheel design but a motorcycle-style steering wheel, designed to be able to overcome high sand dunes.

Mui Ne ATV Price List

20 minutes700.000 VND / 2 persons
30 minutes900.000 VND / 2 persons
40 minutes1.200.000 VND / 2 persons

Experiencing ATV is considered an exciting recreational activity that every tourist wants to try at least once when visiting here. The exhilarating feeling of maneuvering a vehicle at high speed across the sand is sure to leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of every traveler.


Off-road Jeep in Mui Ne Sand Dunes

To explore the top of Mui Ne Sand Dunes in a simple and convenient way, choosing a off-road jeep to navigate the terrain is an interesting option. With its straightforward yet robust design, the jeep is powerful and safe for taking you across the vast stretches of sandy desert. Your driver will take you through the extensive sand dunes, overcoming steep slopes and precarious heights.

Sand Dunes Off-road Jeep Price

Jeep up to the dunes and come back800.000 VND / Jeep (group of 7)


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