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Top 5 Phan Thiet Street Foods

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1.PanCakes (Bánh Xèo)

Top 5 Phan Thiet Street Foods

Tuyen Quang Street’s reputation as an avenue to satisfy culinary desires has recently caused it to be dubbed Pho Am Thuc (Food Street) which is located between Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard and Thu Khoa Huan Street in Phan Thiet City.

While crowded every evening, the street is especially bustling with customers on the weekends. Local residents and tourists come to enjoy the specialties of the town, also famous for its beautiful beaches and scenery.

One of the dishes that bring prestige to Tuyen Quang Street is banh xeo, or rice pancake folded in half and filled with shrimp, fat pork and bean sprouts. Along the street, customers will find a dozen banh xeo restaurants with simple names such as Cay Xoai (mango tree) or Cay me (tamarind tree).

2.Quai Vac cake (Bánh Quai Vạc)

Top 5 Phan Thiet Street Foods

Quai vac tran cakes have been a popular dish in the coastal city of Phan Thiet for as long as people there can remember. To make the cake, locals start with a transparent wheat-flour dough, which is then boiled and wrapped around beheaded prawns, fatty pork, fish sauce and salt and sugar.

Cauldron strap cake can be seen as one of the item’s light meal flavors of the Central region. It uses refined wheat flour to make crust. The powder was stuffed for so clammy, then cut small pieces and use a glass bottle forming laminated piece of dough shell clear. Corn is mainly fresh shrimp and bacon. The color pink shrimp pie, a green fertile look of that new customers want to eat right now.

3.Mai Fish Salad (Gỏi Cá Mai)

Top 5 Phan Thiet Street Foods

here is a dish best “Phan Thiet” and is extremely attractive fish salad ( Cá Mai) is sure not everyone was enjoying. Raw fish may be made with a variety of fish such as herring, carving, cleaning fish, spring fish … but not as good as any kind of fish is not fishy Cá Mai for fresh meat. As the name implies, fish mai delicate slender, about equal to the index finger, covered with a layer of sparkling silver-white scales. Very fresh fish flakes had bought, cut off the tail and abdomen breast, spinal withdrawal re-done as the vinegar and squeeze it dry. People like to eat less fat, then add chopped bacon is that there was a raw fish dish you wanted.

4.Bun Bo Hue

Top 5 Phan Thiet Street Foods

Bun Bo Hue is a popular Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli (bún) and beef (bò). Huế is a city in central Vietnam associated with the cooking style of the former royal court. The dish is greatly admired for its balance of spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors and the predominant flavor is that of lemongrass.

5.Lau Ca (Lẩu Cá)

Top 5 Phan Thiet Street Foods

Dishes included: fish, herb, soup, fish sauce, chili, vegetables, noodles…

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